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2020 strategic DIRECTION 

The launch of the 2020 Strategic Direction for PLC Armidale at the conclusion of a significant anniversary year for the College provided the opportunity to look back over the past 130 years, to learn lessons in the past, to plan for the future. Hindsight is 20/20 vision.

Achieving this path, commenced with the data captured through surveys and focus sessions with parents, staff and students in early 2016, followed by weekends spent by the Executive team and strategic planning with our College Council. The result of this consultation process can be seen in the Strategic Direction document attached here (PDF 356.5KB) and accompanying letter (PDF 653.8KB), which articulates: 

* Our Values

* Our Approach

* Our Graduates

* Our Strategy

* Our Strategic Projects are aligned with four areas of focus:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Staff Development
  • Sustainable Business Planning
  • Christian values and Pastoral Care 

Should you wish to learn more, please contact:

Mrs Nicola Taylor


Tel:  (+612) 6770 1700