past parents

Parents play a vital role in our College community.

PLC Armidale recognises and sincerely values the enormous efforts and sacrifices our students’ parents make each year for the advancement of the College.

Many lifelong friendships are established whilst parents are involved with the College. The connections with the College and each other doesn't have to end once your daughter has graduated!

There are many opportunities for these social events to continue.

In fact, there are two major events commemorating the College's 130th year in 2017 to which all past parents are invited.

One is the Celebration Ball (PDF 529.3KB) on Saturday May 6. The other is the Celebratory Long Lunch (PDF 1.3MB) on Saturday, October 21. 

Past parents are more than welcome to Alumni events, and are invited to suggest (or organise) any ideas about hosting a past parent event.

For more information, please contact:

Mrs Shona Eichorn

Director of Development

Tel: (+612) 6770 1700

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