parents & friends' association

Families flourish at PLC Armidale and the Parents & Friends' Association (P&F) is at the heart of our community. 

Our P&F welcomes parents, guardians and friends of PLC Armidale students in an informal and friendly environment and actively supports the College through its fundraising endeavours. 

The organisation provides a wonderful opportunity for parents to form friendships, keep up to date with developments, enjoy social events and contribute to the life of the College. 

All parents of current PLC Armidale students are automatically provided with membership to the P & F Association on enrolment and are encouraged to assist where they can.

The P&F also co-ordinate the volunteer Year Group Liaison Parents who assist with the social events and communication for their respective year.


From 2018, all PLC Armidale P&F meetings will be held at 6pm on the second Thursday of each term, in the PLC Armidale Board Room. 

Our P&F values the ideas and input of all PLC Armidale parents and friends - all current parents are members of the P&F and are welcome to attend these meetings.

The next General Meeting will be held on Thursday May 10, 2018 from 6pm in the PLC Armidale Board Room.


Our P&F organises various events throughout the year. These activities have included an open-air cinema evening, golf day, trivia night, pie drive, and signature high-tea event.

Valuable funds are raised from each activity, which go towards the purchase of resources across the College.

Other P&F fundraising initiatives include the PLC Armidale P&F Supporters’ Jackets & Caps which are available for purchase from the Clothing Shop.

For more information or to find out how to get involved, please contact our:

2017/18 Executive Committee

Co-Presidents Mrs Theresa Smith-Ruig and Ms Erica Smith

Secretary Mrs Kathryn Berry

Treasurer Mrs Megan Kliendeinst