IGNITE Supporters

Below is our list of donors who have generously donated to the Science Labs Refurbishment, IGNITE. Should you wish to join them by purchasing a Periodic Table element or making a donation to the IGNITE project, please visit the DONATE NOW page. 

PLC Armidale sincerely thanks our wonderful community and generous donors for their enthusiastic support of this project. Our Donor Recognition board is situated in the new Science Labs precinct in appreciation.

Donor Name/s  Element  Donor Name/s  Element  Donor Name/s   Element  Donor Name/s  Element
 E=MC Hammer Team   E=MC Hammer  LOVE family  Hydrogen  THOMSON family  Neon  THOMPSON family  Thorium
 CATTERALL family  Element of Surprise  Paul CAVE  Oxygen  BROUN family  Mercury  CATTERALL family  Carbon
 WOODLAND family  Nitrogen  KENNETT family  Krypton  CONSTABLE family  Gold  KEALY family  Helium
 Kylie MARJORAM  Titanium  Michael KAH  Platinum  SEAMEN family  Cesium  Dr David LIM  Silver
 Shona EICHORN  Selenium  Dr David LIM  Magnesium  CHAMBERS family  Uranium
 WHIBLEY family  Tungsten  Dr David LIM  Lithium  CHAPMAN family  Iridium  BIDDLE family  Potassium
 HEBBLEWHITE family  Nickel  Graham Spooner Electrical  Copper  Judy MILLER  Arsenic  Zoe MARTIN  Zinc
 Lucy MARTIN  Chlorine  Naomi MARTIN  Sodium  Heidi MARTIN  Argon  MIRON family  Sulphur
 PLCA Year of 1995  Americium  Pamela Roberts (nee Witten)  Cobalt  Wal & Sonia BROUN  Radon  Olive SHONE  Osmium
 CALDWELL family  Lead  Jessica Chambers  Unobtainium  Isobel Seaman & Tim McLaren  Phosphorus  Sophie McRAE  Samarium
 Alice McRAE  Aluminium  RUIG family  Roentgenium  DRISCA  Antimony  Sophie GIBSON  Germanium
 BRISSETT family  Bromine  Toni WELCH  Thallium  TAYLOR family   Tantalum  Year 11 Biology 2016  Boron
 Emily SEAMEN  Einsteinium  Year 4, 2016  Iron  Bethany HALL  Beryllium  Caleb HALL  Calcium
 Sarah HALL  Strontium  Dr Jim CHARLEY  Fluorine  DETTWILER family  Vanadium The WESTLEYS  Astatine
 Dr Lynleigh EVANS  Hafnium  Year 8, 2016  Zirconium  John DA CRUZ  Silicon  Scot & Aileen McDONALD   Iodine
 Jason BROWNE  Dysprosium  Catherine ALCORN  Scandium  Year 10 of 2016  Manganese  Alysha Liu  Lutetium
 Michelle Lam-Li & Michael Li   Meitnerium  Michelle Lam-Li & Michael Li   Mendelevium   Michelle Lam-Li & Michael Li   Darmstadtium   Rubidium             OZ Study
 Wei JIANG  Strontium  Lei QIAN  Yttrium  HOLCOMBE family  Holium  Madame PETERS  Francium
 India SMITH  Indium  Junyuan HU  Lanthanum