Message from the Group Chair

SCYENCE …. Who put the Y in Science? Why is it so?

As a scientist, and the father of daughters, I believe that the time to advocate for girls studying science is now. We must look to the future of a shared goal. Using both male and female thinking in science will not only lead to a better outcome it will lead to a new thinking, new sciences and better lives for all.

This is the reason I have decided to stand up and get involved. In partnership with PLC Armidale, PLC Foundation, PLC Old Girls’ Union, PLC P&F and the wider community we are launching IGNITE, an initiative to redevelop the science facilities at PLC Armidale and bring them into the future.

We must IGNITE the passion for science in our daughters, we must IGNITE the community to the obvious advantages of supporting women towards a career in science, and we must IGNITE and UNITE to deliver this essential resource to our daughters so they can make the world a brighter place to live.

I hope you can join us in achieving our goals.

Mr Greg Cotterell

Armidale Pharmacist, PLC Armidale parent and passionate advocate for the Sciences.