Gymnastics is not offered as an official sport at PLC Armidale, however many of our girls are keen gymnasts.

For the past few years, PLC Armidale has nominated a small team of enthusiastic gymnasts to compete in the Senior IGSSA Gymnastics competition, held in Sydney.

Many of the girls compete from the Development stages to the respective representative Levels. In fact, one of our current girls competes in the State Championships at Level 8.

Our girls regularly train and compete with the vibrant Armidale Gymnastics Club at the local Gymnastics Centre in Kentucky St and this opportunity is facilitated by the College.

A number of our senior PLC Armidale girls also are involved in coaching the junior girls at the Gymnastics Club. 

From to time, Gymnastics is also offered as a school sport in our Junior School, where girls participate from Pre-K to Upper Primary in a 6 week intensive program.

Many of our younger girls do participate in the Armidale Gymnastics Club program after school and on weekends, however, this opportunity is organised by individual families.

For more information about the Armidale Gymnastics Club, please contact :

Wally & Carol O'Hara

Tel: (+612) 6771 1350


For more information about Gymnastics at PLC Armidale, please contact:

Mr Peter Le Surf

Director of Sport

Tel: (+612) 6770 1700