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PLC Armidale held its first whole School Swimming Carnival on Tuesday 9 February 2016 at Armidale's Monkton Aquatic Centre. 

In previous years, there was a separate carnival for the Junior School and the Senior School. In joining the two, the Carnival provided the opportunity for the whole school community to come together in a tremendous display of school spirit, solidarity and support.

Congratulations to Gregory, the winning Guild for 2016, who not only won the swimming events but also took home the coveted trophy for the War Cries.

Mimi Raymer, Captain and Deputy Freya Bartlett, graciously accepted the trophy on Gregory Guild's behalf.

Students had a fantastic day of swimming and supporting, in competitive and some not so competitive events.

From highly sought after PB's to the Year 12 novelty race, all of our students participated with great sportsmanship and school spirit.

Congratulations to the following Age champions for 2016:
India Smith - 8 Years
Scarlett Loxley - 9 Years
Maggie Ryan - 10 Years
Emily Thompson - 11 Years
Heidi Martin - 12 Years (Junior School)
Sophie McRae - 12 Years (Senior School)
Lilly McCook - 13 Years
Lucy Ball - 14 Years
Mia Emmanuel - 15 Years
Brianna Robertson - 16 Years
Anna Finney - 17 Years
Clare Askey - 18 Years

Well done everyone on an outstanding event.