Junior School

Early years learning lays the foundation upon which future success rests. The Junior School, from Pre-Kinder to Year 6, are formative years in the development of the whole child.  Girls flourish @ PLC Armidale Junior School.

The academic, co-curricular and sport programs are tailored for the uniqueness of girls' interests, needs and early learning experiences.

A Caring Environment

At our College, girls experience a caring, supportive environment which develops confidence.

Smaller class sizes enable the staff to foster positive relationships with the students and to work closely with families.

Knowing the girls and how they learn allows the teachers to cater effectively for individual differences and interests.

COLLEGE Community

At PLC Armidale, students are encouraged to be independent and to develop self-confidence, self-motivation and a love of learning.

Community is at the heart of the PLC Armidale experience with the girls provided opportunity to reach out to others in kindness and service.

Combined assemblies, Guild events and an active Students’ Representative Council strengthen connections within the community.

Specialist teachers working across the College and a number of whole school events, provides a natural integration for students at key points of transition, especially progression from the Junior School to Senior School.

Information about PLC Armidale Junior School can be obtained from the Junior School Handbook.


Mrs Fiona Wake
Head of Junior School
Tel: (+612) 6770 1726