student leadership

At PLC Armidale, we provide opportunities for all of our students to experience and appreciate leadership.

From Pre-Kindergarten right through to Year 6, girls in our Junior School are encouraged to initiate ideas, support others and speak confidently in front of an audience.

Our students enjoy the responsibilities leadership brings, become well-organised, consider the needs of others, and understand what it means to be a representative of their peers.

Leadership Opportunities

All classes from Kindergarten to Year 6 are represented in the Junior School Students’ Representative Council, and each class elects two representatives.

These class leaders form our PLC Armidale "Junior School Action Group" and throughout the year focus on different topics for discussion: the environment, global, school and local.

The Year 6 representatives chair the meetings. At these meetings, the concerns and ideas of each class are brought to the attention of the SRC, discussed and actions planned.

In Term 1, our focus area features, the environment.

In addition, the Year 6 SRC representatives attend and contribute to the Senior School SRC, in an important representative role for our PLC Armidale Junior School. 

Fore more information, please contact:

Mrs Fiona Wake

Head of Junior School

(+612) 6770 1726