student achievements


It appears that the more personalised approach has been a positive contributor to our students’ outstanding HSC results in 2016.  

In summary, the high score results (Band 6 or equivalent) were achieved by 36% of the cohort across eleven separate courses taught at the College.

In addition, 80% of the Class of 2016 achieved a Band 5 (mark over 80) result in at least one subject. The highest ATAR was achieved by the 2016 Sports Captain, Annaliese Harrington with a score of 96.45. 

Four other students attained an ATAR over 90: Emma O’Donoghue, Genevieve Walsh, Georgina Cornall and Clare Askey. 

Congratulations also to Syrana Glenn, whose independent performance was selected for inclusion in a showcase of HSC Music Major Works at the Glasshouse, Port Macquarie, in early 2017.

In a letter distributed to the PLC Armidale College community, PLC Armidale Principal, Mrs Nicola Taylor commented,

“The results reflect the unity and uniqueness which characterized this small, yet very capable cohort. The achievement of the girls both individually and collectively within each course exemplify the culture of learning at the College where girls are encouraged to strive, achieve, excel. The Class of 2016 will be remembered for their generous contributions to the wider life of the College and their connection to students across the various year groups. They have shown exemplary leadership skills and honed their individual talents to achieve very pleasing results. The College is very proud of a cohort of well-rounded individuals who have enriched the school community enormously with their vitality, dedication and consideration of others, attributes which will serve them well in the years ahead. Congratulations to all,” she concluded. 

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