student achievements


Our Class of 2017 has achieved some individual and overall outstanding results in this year's HSC. PLC Armidale has been ranked 148th in the State, and the only school in the New England/North West region to rank in the Top 150 schools in NSW.

In summary, the high score results (Band 6 or equivalent) were achieved by 35% of our cohort across thirteen separate courses taught at the College.

In addition, 78% of the Class of 2017 achieved a Band 5 (mark over 80) result in at least one subject. Congratulations to Ragavi Jeyakumar (99.75) who achieved the highest ATAR for 2017.

Congratulations also to Georgina Hebblewhite (98.15) and Jessica Chambers who attained a 95.3 ATAR.

Ragavi Jeyakumar was named on the NSW Honour Roll for All Rounders and along with twelve other students who were listed on the NSW Distinguished Achievers List:

* Ragavi Jeyakumar - All Rounder & Distinguished Achiever - Chemistry, English Advanced, Modern History, Physics
* Agnes Thwaites - Music 1
* Alison Chapman - Ancient History
* Alessandra Perry - Drama, Visual Arts
* Alex Hiscox - Legal Studies, PDHPE
* Brianna Robertson - English Extension 2
* Emma Ranck - Mathematics General 2, Visual Arts
* Georgina Hebblewhite - Economics, Physics
* Hannah Croft - Mathematics General 2
* Jessica Chambers - Ancient History, Biology, Mathematics 
* Kate Biddle - Biology
* Tara Price - Visual Arts
Julia Chambers - Mathematics

Special mention to Tara Price and Bonnie Cox who both had their Visual Arts Body of Work nominated for inclusion in this year's ARTEXPRESS.

"Recording high bands of achievement is one measure of success. However, the academic growth of each student, consistent application yielding a personal best or persevering through adversity, are measures of lasting success. Students enabled to access courses of choice at universities or colleges of choice are also key indicators of success. The course results are a credit to the Class of 2017 and their effort throughout the HSC program. The support of family and friends is invaluable throughout the rigours of the HSC marathon. Thank you also to the PLC Armidale teaching staff for their commitment to creating a strong culture of learning and student engagement across the years of school which provide invaluable preparation for Year 12.

The Class of 2017 will be remembered for their varied contributions to the wider life of the College, their connection to students across the various year groups and their inclusive approach to diversity. They have shown exemplary leadership skills and honed their individual talents to achieve these pleasing results. The College is very proud of a cohort of well-rounded individuals who have enriched the school community enormously with their vitality, dedication and consideration of others, attributes which will serve them well in the years ahead," commented Principal, Mrs Nicola Taylor.

For more information about our outstanding HSC results, please contact:

Mr Trent Donaldson

Head of Faculties

Tel: (+612) 6770 1700