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Our MIssion

PLC Armidale is a school of the Presbyterian Church of Australia in the State of NSW and welcomes all girls to a caring Christian environment which encourages the pursuit of excellence in all areas of life.

Our Mission Statement is"where girls Flourish".

In our environment we:

  • seek to glorify God and enjoy Him forever
  • forgive and bear with each other as the Lord forgives and bears with us
  • practise principles of natural justice and fairness
  • strive to be the very best that God has made us to be, serving Him along the way

Relationships within our community should be characterised by Christian values such as:

  • integrity
  • humility
  • respect 
  • self-discipline 

Our stewardship of the environment will be:

  • responsible
  • respectful
  • reflective of the beauty of God's creation

Teaching and learning should be characterised by:

  • professionalism
  • quality and rigour
  • forward thinking
  • academic excellence
  • best practice
  • acknowledgement of individual diversity
  • challenge for students to achieve their personal best

All staff will endeavour to:

  • have a sense of service
  • be open, effective, honest and fair
  • be organised and focused
  • value staff, students and the PLC Armidale community.