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PLC Armidale was founded in 1887, and has for the past 76 years been a school of the Presbyterian Church of Australia in New South Wales. In 2021, the College celebrates 134 years of educating girls.

college motto

The Tindall sisters Eliza Jane and Mary Murray, who took over the school in December 1894, decided on the initial college motto, Lux Per Studia, meaning Enlightenment Through Study’

Miss Alethea Tendall (Principal,1909 –1937) changed this in 1913 to 'Ad Astra’ which means To the Stars. Our students are encouraged to aspire academically, while serving the community with the Christian character.

a presbyterian college

The College was obtained by the Presbyterian Church of New South Wales in 1941, and since then, it has had a distinctive ethos with an emphasis on academia and practical Christian service.

As a regional school, we play an important role in the New England community, and are known for our high quality of scholarship and the calibre of our students.


We have had six different locations during our history as a girls’ school. PLC Armidale has spent fifty-three years on its current site.

Today, PLC Armidale is located on a beautiful site of seventeen hectares, with spacious grounds and cultivated gardens.