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health & welfare

The health and welfare of your daughter is our primary focus in the boarding house at PLC Armidale. The College maintains a well-equipped Health Centre, in which a trained Nursing Sister is on duty from 8:00am to 12:00pm, Monday to Friday for all students who need care. In addition, all House Mothers are trained in First Aid. Parents are contacted when girls are unwell or need medical appointments.


All medicines should be handed in to the College Nurse; no students may take medication without informing the College Nurse. Students Pharmacy Accounts are opened for medical supplies only.

Medical Appointments

Daily appointment times are reserved with the College Doctor, who is also available for home visits after-hours. Should girls wish to access the services of another doctor in Armidale, this will be honoured - please provide this information at the commencement of the year. Medical records are kept in the College Nurse’s office and will be forwarded to the doctor for any appointment, and parents are kept informed by phone of the results of any visit to the doctor. Dental and optical appointments will be made for a student only after written application from parents - all expenses are to be met by parents.


The College employs caterers experienced in providing a variety of nutritious meals to school children. Students are consulted about the meals provided to them, and our catering team makes every effort to ensure dinner choices are a collaboration between catering staff and students. Special diets will be considered only if supported by a dietician’s report, or by recommendation from a medical practitioner.

Counselling Services

These services are available by arrangement through the College Nurse. A range of counsellors is also available.


Our boarders return to school on the day before lessons begin each term. Vacation travel arrangements are made by parents in conjunction with the Head of Boarding, and assistance will be given to students travelling overseas.

Boarders and Cars

Our Year 11 and 12 students are allowed to drive to and from school only with the permission of their parent(s) and the College Principal. Students are permitted use of their cars while at school with the permission of the Heads of Boarding and their parents’ consent.


Parents are an integral part of the PLC Armidale community. We place no limit on boarders’ contact with family, and seek to include boarders’ families into the college community through annual events such as the Boarders' Christmas Party and Father-Daughter Dinner.

Family Visits

Family members are welcome to visit their daughters whenever possible. All visitors are asked to come to the College office and sign the visitors book during work hours, and at other times to the House office.
Visitors may be entertained in the Common Rooms or foyers of Houses, or in the garden in front of the Houses.

Phone Calls

We welcome families to call their daughters in the Boarding House. We ask that parents identify themselves clearly and fully when calling the House phone.

Pocket Money

Boarders are encouraged to use debit cards to access their pocket money. Cash should not be kept in dormitories - if necessary, money may be handed to the Boarding staff for safe-keeping.


Our boarders are permitted to bring food into the Boarding House. This must be kept in labelled pest-proof containers, and stored in the Boarding House kitchen cupboards - no food is to be kept or eaten in the dormitories. Should you have any questions or concerns about your daughter’s welfare, please do not hesitate to contact our Boarding staff.

Miss Jennifer Leahy or Miss Margaret Latham
Acting Heads of Boarding
Tel: (+612) 6770 1724