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Whist no accommodation will ever be the same as your own home, our friendly and experienced Boarding House staff go to great lengths to provide the next best alternative.

Learning to live, eat, play and study in a Boarding environment can be challenging, yet rewarding. 

Our Boarding routine has been designed to help ensure that your daughter has time to study, time to undertake co-curricular activities and pursue personal interests, and is well-supported by both staff and other students in balancing all commitments. 

Academically our Boarders benefit from the supervision of experienced Academic staff and mentors at daily Prep (or homework time). Our healthy dining options, together with access to a variety of sport and leisure activities on campus and in the community (such as Sport UNE) and chaplaincy opportunities, fuel our Boarders physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. 


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On Friday evening the girls have an extra hour before bedtime. No formal prep is scheduled on Friday evening.


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Our Boarding families are kept informed of the events and activities of the Boarding House and College through the following communication channels:

  • Fortnightly Lion's Roar newsletter
  • Boarders' Blog
  • Facebook page
  • This website
  • Regular emails and phone calls to families


Parents and Carers are always welcome in the Boarding House. Weekend outings and visits with relatives and friends are encouraged, as well as interaction with day students and their families.  Leave requests for the weekend need to be submitted by Wednesday evening so that families and hosts have sufficient time to endorse the details of the leave request. 

Families, carers and friends are able to get in touch with boarders via the Boarding House phone 02 6770 1739 or most girls do have a personal mobile phone.


Boarders are expected to attend Boarders' Chapel in the Astra Arts Centre, every Monday night at 6pm, as well as Chapel during the school week, each Friday with the Senior School. 

Boarders also attend the Sunday service at St Paul's Presbyterian Church in Armidale in Weeks 2 and 8 of each term.

To learn more about our boutique Boarding experience, please contact our Enrolments Manager, Mrs Sally McCook or:

Miss Jennifer Leahy 
Head of Boarding
Tel: (+612) 6770 1724