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WElcome to boarding

LARRIS CLEAL, Boarding House Captain 2019                                     

Weve got a big year ahead of us, and its always comforting to know that the Boarders here are returning to a homely environment, where they can feel comfortable, safe and are surrounded by friends. Its always exciting to begin a new year – a fresh start, new friends and new experiences. And Im especially excited to not only meet our new girls, but to get to know the returning girls further.  

One very anticipated activity coming up in the New Year is the Boarders’ Coffs Harbour Excursion. All our girls will get the chance to relax, go to the beach and enjoy a break away together after preparing themselves for the coming year. This is a way for all of us to come together as a group and establish our place in the school with encouragement and compassion for one another. Its an important excursion for us to form these relationships because the start of 2019 brings about enormous pressure. Not just for the Year 12s starting their HSC course, but also the Year 7s taking their first steps into high school. But were all here to provide such support, including our Boarders’ Representative Council that is aimed at promoting a positive Boarding experience. 

I particularly like coming back to our friendly staff – the House Mothers, Duty Mistresses and our Head of Boarding, Mrs Spencer. Our Head of Boarding and staff organise and encourage us to participate in activities like roller skating, bowling, karaoke, slip-and-slide and to go on day excursions to Tamworth and the Bellingen markets to name just a few.

Were not just here to be company to all the Boarders, but the relationship between the Junior and Senior girls is one thats enriched with support, care and love for one another. Being a boarder since Year 7 has given me a huge amount of experience and reason to empathise with all of the younger boarders. Wishing everyone another brilliant year here at PLC Armidale.