Madi Moar

Madi Moar UNSW Graduation 2021Madi Moar (PLC Armidale Graduate 2015) flourished in both Junior and Senior School at PLC Armidale.

"Madi excelled academically at PLC Armidale Junior School, but socially, by her very nature, remained quiet and reserved. When it came time to go to high school, we knew we would struggle financially to keep Madi at PLC but we also knew PLC was the very best school for her to flourish, and she did - Dux of Year 6, Dux of Year 12 2015 and Head Prefect 2015 - are testament to how the amazingly talented teachers and staff at PLC Armidale who nurtured, encouraged and supported our bright, shy little girl into becoming the strong and fiercely independent person she is today. None of this would have been possible without the Academic Scholarship Madi received in Year 5. For that we are forever grateful."

Jacqui and Andrew Moar, Parents

Madi recently received the University of NSW University Medal award for Bachelor of Engineering (Material Science) (Honours)/Master of Biomedical Engineering. The University Medal is one of the most distinguished awards to be bestowed on an undergraduate student and recognises outstanding academic performance.

Madi's honours thesis explored ceramic nanoparticles coated with bio-polymer used for cancer treatment. With a passion to investigate biomimetic and sustainable materials. Madi is now undertaking a carpentry apprenticeship and hopes to use  skills and knowledge in the materials field to influence more sustainable materials choices in the construction industry.