Message from the Principal

Many years ago, when the current four Science labs were first built at PLC Armidale, there was a small number of girls studying Science subjects. Since that time, the range and scope of scientific endeavours has expanded and consequently the demand to study the Sciences has increased considerably.

However, a great deal has been said and written about the decline in the number of girls studying STEM courses. As we know, STEM skills are used more and more in lots of different industries, whether it be helping our planet adapt to climate change, enabling science to develop new vaccines or creating innovations in technology and engineering.

These days, the world of Science has diversified beyond Medical or Health related Sciences to incorporate the areas such as: Food Technology, Agriculture and many more.

However, at PLC Armidale, we are definitely ahead of the trend with over 40% of graduates going on now to further their education in a Science related field. In order to continue to foster this passion of the Sciences, we need to upgrade our school facilities.

We want to re-develop and modernise our school facility to create the best possible learning environment and experience from which our girls can flourish and pursue excellence in the Sciences now and beyond.

We hope that you can assist our endeavours and put PLC Armidale at the forefront of Secondary Science education.

Mrs Nicola Taylor