Students wishing to apply for a bus pass for travel to and from school are now able to do this via an online form.  This replaces the previous system of completing a 'blue' form to obtain a bus pass.

The form can be used by parents, guardians and students applying for free school student travel under the School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS) and provides a single application process for free school travel across NSW.

Forms are completed by parents or guardians. Students 16 years of age and over must complete and sign the application form themselves.

The form can be used for students applying for a bus pass for the first time, for those moving from Year 2 to Year 3, Year 6 to Year 7 or for any change of address details.

The online form provides:

  • Online SSTS eligibility assessment - the new online application system will automatically assess SSTS eligibility based on distance rules.

  • Online application for review - parents, guardians and students can apply online for a review on medical or safety grounds.

  • Simplified replacement - to arrange a replacement of a rural and regional travel pass, contact the operator directly.

  • Automated notifications - parents, guardians and students who have applied using the online application form will automatically receive notifications when a new application is required eg, they are moving from Year 2 to 3 or 6 to 7.

To apply for a bus pass online please click here.