College tours, experience visits & interviews

Our friendly, professional staff are available to show your daughter and family around the College on any given day, so that you gain a greater appreciation of our inspirational culture of learning.

Tours and experience days/nights are available all year round on a day that suits your family.

We also showcase our College at various Expos and Field Days around our region and further afield, where there is an opportunity to gain more detailed information however we have been unable to do so recently due to COVID-19 restrictions. We hope to be able to attend events once more in 2021.

Should you like what you see and hear, we would welcome your daughter for an Experience day (and night for prospective Boarders) where she will be "buddied" with a girl in her year with similar interests, and then has the opportunity to "feel the PLC Armidale experience" for herself.

Should you wish to pursue enrolment, we will invite your daughter and family to attend an informal interview with our Principal, Mrs Nicola Taylor, or her representative at a mutually convenient time.

For more information or to book a tour, experience visit or interview, please contact our Enrolments Manager.

We look forward to welcoming you to PLC Armidale. 

Sally McCook
Enrolments Manager

Tel: (+612) 6770 1727