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Since 1887, PLC Armidale has been educating girls of promise and potential. A school of the Presbyterian Church of Australia in NSW, PLC Armidale was founded on faith, foresight and generosity, because key individuals believed they could make a difference and were deeply committed to the education of girls. Our rich heritage has been characterised by the consistent pursuit of rigorous academic endeavour and achievement, musical and sporting excellence and service to our community, regional, nationally and globally. Scholarships have provided opportunities to a great number of PLC Armidale graduates over many years to girls who have progressed their love of leaning to University studies and on to a diverse range of successful careers.

These Scholarships have been created from the generosity of generations of donors who wish to make a difference, and are awarded to girls on merit, promise and potential.

The College awards a limited number of Scholarships each year, where specific conditions may vary depending on the particular type of Scholarship.

The following conditions must be be upheld by ALL recipients. Students must:

  • Perform to a satisfactory academic standard.
  • Maintain a high level of participation in College activities. 
  • Abide by all College rules and regulations, work hard and act in a manner befitting a PLC Armidale student.


  • Family accounts must be kept current at all times and must not go into arrears.
  • Families of Scholarship holders must contribute towards to College events and fund-raising activities. 
  • Details of the Scholarship must remain STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. It is an offer made in good faith between your family and the College, and should NOT be disclosed to any other individual, school or organisation.
  • Students will be required to undertake an annual "Scholarship Review", or interview at the request of the Principal or delegate. 
  • A letter of appreciation is to be written to the Scholarship donor by the students, upon acceptance of the Scholarship, as well as provide an annual update of the student's progress.
  • Scholarship recipients and their families may be invited to make comment on how the Scholarship has been of assistance to them, for College promotional purposes such as, the PLC Armidale Foundation Annual Giving campaign. 
  • We appreciate that from time to time family circumstances may change. Upon the unfortunate decision to leave the College, one term's notice must be provided.

Scholarships provide part remission of tuition fees and are available to:

  • Australian citizens
  • Permanent residents of Australia
Scholarship  Years Offered  Application  Details 
Academic 5 to 11
  • Applications for 2022 entry.
  • Annual Scholarship exam and interview.

Further information:  Academic Scholarships

Open Now


5 to 11
  • Applications for 2022 entry. 
  • Annual Scholarship exam, audition and interview.
Further information:  Music Scholarships  

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Creative Arts

(includes Visual Art, Design, Drama, Dance and Speech)

5 to 11
  • Applications for 2022 entry. 
  • Annual Scholarship exam, interview and a recording of performance or portfolio of recent artworks.

Further information:  Creative Arts Scholarships

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Future Leader 


Year 7 & Year 10 only
  • Applications for 2022 entry.
  • Annual Scholarship exam, application and interview.

Further information: Future Leader Scholarships 

Open Now


All Rounder 5 to 11
  • Open all year round.
  • Application form to be submitted by the end of each Term.

Further information:  All Rounder Scholarships

Boarding 5 to 11
  • Open all year round.
  • Application form to be submitted by the end of each Term.

Further information:  Boarding Scholarships

Vinleigh Charley (Science Scholarship)
11 and 12
  • Available to both new applicants and existing PLC Armidale students entering Years 11 and 12.
  • Applicants must be Australian born citizens whose current schooling is outside the major centres of population.
  • Applicants should be primarily interested in the Sciences and intending to proceed to university to study in this area.
  • The Scholarship provides a part remission of tuition fees only.  A needs equity consideration applies.

To apply: Please complete both application forms available below:

Vinleigh Charley Scholarship - Parent Application 

Vinleigh Charley Scholarship - Student Application 



Pearl Bethal Allan For Year 7 only.
  • Current PLC Armidale students and new applicants are eligible to apply for this Scholarship.
  • Applicants must be entering Year 7 and be from a rural area.
  • Applicants must recognise the benefit of a Christian education.

Written application is to be made to the: PLC Armidale Pearl Bethal Allan Scholarship via the College Enrolments office.

Open for 2022 applications. 




Prior to applying for a Scholarship, the student must be registered with PLC Armidale. Please CLICK HERE to register.

For more information, please contact:

Mrs Sally McCook

Enrolments Manager

Tel: (+612) 6770 1700