In addition to the Academic, Music & All Rounder Scholarships offered in Years 5 & 6, PLC Armidale offers a very special opportunity for a Kindergarten student.

Victoria Palmer Scholarship

The Victoria Palmer Scholarship is offered in memory of Victoria Palmer, a PLC Armidale Kindergarten student who attended Pre-Kinder and a few days of Kindergarten.

Victoria was a bright, curious, outgoing little girl, who loved school, was energetic and fun loving and approached learning with curiosity and determination.

She passed away in 2008 from the sudden effects of a brain stem tumour. This Scholarship has been donated in her memory. 

Victoria Palmer Scholarship  Eligibilty Criteria  Value and Tenure  No. Awarded/Year 

Kindergarten only 


The successful applicant will be:

  • A curious learner.

  • Willing to be involved in a range of school activities.

  • Caring of her school mates.

  • Demonstrating learning potential.

  • The student’s family should be committed to a PLC Armidale education for the duration of the child’s Junior School years.

  • A needs equity consideration applies.

  •  Approximately $2,500 for the first year of schooling.


How to apply

The Scholarship should be applied for using this application form. An interview with the applicant and family will then be organised.

As applicants for this award will likely be pre-school age, it is expected that they would be observed for brief periods in the PLC Armidale Pre-Kinder or Junior School environment rather than have an aptitude test.

For more information, please contact:

Mrs Sally McCook
Enrolments Manager
Tel: (+612) 6770 1700