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events overview

Each year, PLC Armidale hosts a number of events for our community.

Some are for current families, some are for Alumni and some are for the whole community to participate in and enjoy. For example:

  • annual welcome bbq

PLC Armidale hosts a whole school casual BBQ on the eve of the new school year, where all girls, families and staff are invited - a lovely relaxed way to get to know each other before the routine of a busy school life begins.

  • information sessions

PLC Armidale conducts a Whole School Information evening at the commencement of each year, featuring an informative introduction of significant aspects of the College or presentation of relevant topics.

This is immediately followed by Stage information sessions with specific presentations pertaining to the relevant years. For example Stage 6 is Years 11 and 12; Stage 5 is Years 9 & 10.

  • ANNUAL Speech Day

Senior School Speech Day is conducted in early December at the conclusion of the academic year. Students and staff gather for presentations of awards and acknowledgments. Families of students are also welcome. A special guest speaker is also invited to share their inspirational story and experiences. 


PLC Armidale Junior School hosts a special annual night of recognition and celebration at the end of November each year.

  • Grandparents' Day

A highlight of the PLC Armidale calendar is our annual Grandparents' Day - a lovely opportunity for grandmothers and grandfathers to share in their grand-daughter's educational experiences and see how very different school is now!