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Our History

PLC Armidale has experienced many changes in both governance and location in the College's rich 130 year history, commencing life as New England Ladies' College on January 24, 1887, with eight students.

"The weather was very wet and I think not more than eight students presented themselves. By the middle of the second week, our numbers had increased to twenty, four of these being Boarders, and then, after classifying our pupils, our work began in earnest," wrote Miss Elizabeth Higgs, the College's first Principal in 1887.

From its humble beginnings and various premises including: Arran House, Smith House, Tulloch, Birida and Hilton Houses, PLC Armidale has been located on its current North Armidale site for over 53 years.

It has been a school of the Presbyterian Church of Australia for 75 years and is growing from strength to strength with a total student population today of well over 300 girls. 

The College's motto, Ad Astra ("To the Stars"), was changed from the original motto Lux per Studia ("Enlightenment through Study") in 1913. Many historical items are housed in a collection of memorabilia located in the College Archives.

The timetable on other pages in this section of the website provides a snapshot of the journey the College has experienced from it earliest days, including a list of the past Principals. 

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