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Date   Event
 1874   Mrs Nina Spasshatt opened a school at Arran House.
 1887  (24 January)

 New England Ladies’ College commenced (@ the now Smith House)

 Principal, Miss Elizabeth Higgs

 1891      Principal - Miss Eddes
 1893    Principal – Madame Charlotte Bruzaud

 Armidale Girls’ High School Sisters Eliza & Mary Tindall took over school.

 School Motto “Lux per Studia” (Enlightenment through Study)


 Principal, Miss Alethea Tendall

 School moved to Tulloch House in Dangar St, Armidale.

 1912   Renamed Armidale Girls’ School.
 1913   School Motto changed to “Ad Astra” (To the Stars).
 1919  School became Armidale Girls’ Grammar School. 
 1925   School then known as “Hilton” House School.
 1927    Hilton Old Girls’ Union originally formed in Armidale.

 The Armidale Presbyterian School Pty Ltd purchased the school from Miss Tendall.

 First school in Northern NSW to be linked with the Presbyterian Church.


 First Ad Astra annual publication produced, formerly known as  “Vox  Hiltonaire” (1927).

 Principal – Dr Helen Wilkie.


 "Birida" (corner of Brown and Marsh Streets) purchased.

 Armidale Presbyterian School Pty Ltd into voluntary liquidation and assets transferred to the Presbyterian Church.

 1941   Presbyterian Ladies’ College (PLC) Armidale formed and name “Hilton” to retained in the name of the school. 
 1942  Principal – Miss Clarice Ashworth.
 1945  “The Promised Land” (current site of PLC Armidale) title of land on Jubilee Estate passed to the Church. Planning started for new school campus.  
 1952-1953  Principal – Miss Katharine Buchan.
 1954  Principal – Miss E. Jean McColl.
 1959  Principal – Miss Joan Humby.
 1960  First Speech Day held on new site.
 1961   McBean House opened. Hilton & Austin Houses along with other buildings at end of 1963.
 1963    Principal – Miss Catherine McLean

 17 September  - opening celebrations held on current site. 

 Tendall Memorial Gates dedicated (current front gates) – a gift from the Old Girls’ Union.

 1968 (end) 

 School almost closed. Combined effort of staff and community “saved the school”.

 School name, PLC Armidale continued.

 1969 – 1971  Acting Principal – Miss Dorothy Knox.
 1970  Duke of Edinbugh Scheme first introduced.

 Principal – Mrs Morris-Yates.

 Re-building phase of school commenced.

 1977    Guild Drama competition established. 
 1978   School Council formed and approved by the General Assembly.

 Principal – Miss Frances Parsons.

 School Council embarked on Master Plan.

 1982  Morris-Yates Library built.
 1984      Dr Helen Wilkie Administration Building completed.
 1985      Year 12 Study Block opened       
 1986   First Green Tartan publication appeared!

 Principal – Mrs Rosalyn Lindsay.

 Dorothy Knox Centre (DKC) opened.

 1997   Principal – Mrs Carole Tisdell
 2000    Principal – Dr Ness Goodwin
 July 2002 – December 2002   Acting Principal, Mr Roderick West
 2003   Principal – Mrs Judith White
 2005   Strategic alliance with PLC Sydney formed. 
 2006   Head of School – Mrs Debra Kelliher

 Dr Paul Burgis appointed Executive Principal of both PLC Sydney and PLC Armidale.

 Former Prime Minister, Ms Julia Gillard switched on Australia's NBN network at an official event at PLC Armidale.


 PLC Armidale celebrates 125th Anniversary.            

 Completion of Senior School Library refurbishment project.


 Acting Head of School – Mrs Jo Matherson.   

 Astra Arts Centre (incorporating the Chapel) refurbished.

 2015   Principal, Mrs Nicola Taylor appointed.
 2016  Science Laboratories refurbished and officially opened.

 PLC Armidale celebrates 130th Anniversary.   

 PLC Pathways program commences - February 6.


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