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life as a boarder

Our caring, experienced and friendly staff create a family atmosphere that is warm and welcoming. 

Our Boarding House is a home away from home to girls from all over from Regional Australia, Metropolitan areas and International locations. Our boarders bring a wealth of cultural and family backgrounds to our community and we value and celebrate this diversity,

Boarding is a unique opportunity to live with people from different walks of life, share experiences and learn from one another. A boarder has many boarding sisters to help support them, as well as developing life long connections and friendships as they develop strong ties with both day and boarding students. Many of our boarders are regularly invited to spend time with day student families.

Boarders flourish at PLC Armidale. Just as in any situation in life, "what you put into something, is what you get out of it" and the boarding opportunity is no different. The girls who gain the most from the boarding experience are those who participate fully in the life of the College – both at school and in the Boarding House. With a wide range of sporting, artistic, academic and social activities on offer, there are plenty of activities to keep our girls as busy or as relaxed as they choose.

Learning to live with students, some who may speak a different language, sharing meals in a vibrant, common dining room, eating food they may not have experienced before, developing close friendships with students across all year groups, all make for one of life's most unique experiences.  Our girls learn to organise every aspect of their busy lives such as: managing their school timetable, balancing co-curricular activities with school work, preparing for the school day including their uniform, learning to communicate information to their parents clearly regarding weekend leave, is all part of our boarders' learning experience. 

At the end of each busy day, our girls are able to laugh and relax together and appreciate the wonderful, unique opportunity that is Boarding.

For more information, please contact:

Miss Jennifer Leahy

Head of Boarding 

Tel: (+612) 6770 1700