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Creative & Performing Arts


There are many benefits gained from studying drama as a subject. A lot of what happens in the drama classroom requires students to think on their feet. Through improvisation activities, students learn to be spontaneous and creative. Group work requires cooperation and collaboration. As students actively explore characters and situations of their own imagining, and in written scripts, they build on their ability to empathise and understand. All of these benefits have an impact on their work in other subject areas. Probably the most evident benefit drama provides, however, is a confidence to perform in front of others and to express ideas confidently. Some students who take drama have aspirations to become actors, theatre workers, film producers, comedians or television stars. For most students, Drama is a way of building self-confidence. Drama cannot claim to be a direct pathway or requirement for a particular career. It does, however, help to prepare students for life.

Girls at PLC Armidale have the opportunity to take Drama as an approved Board of Studies elective subject from Year 9.

In Years 9 and 10 Drama is about making, performing and appreciating Drama and Theatre. A large focus is on improvisation and play building. Students also learn to record and reflect on the learning process through the use of the drama logbook. Theatrical forms and styles, such as melodrama and physical theatre, are explored and students learn to apply the features of a particular style or form to create their own work. All students in Years 9 and 10 have the opportunity to participate in the Speech and Drama section of the Armidale Eisteddfod and may nominate to also participate in the annual AHIGS Festival of Speech and Drama. From time to time students will also perform for a wider school audience or for their parents and friends. Girls who take Drama as an elective find that experience allows them to make a valuable contribution to whole school Guild Drama in Term 4 each year.

Drama is also available as Stage 6 subject in Years 11 and 12. Students would normally progress from Year 10 but may commence studies in Drama in Year 11. Currently, students in Years and 11 and 12 combine with students from other independent Armidale schools.

In Stage 6 Drama the practices of making, performing and critically studying interrelate. The Preliminary (Year 11) course comprises;

•    Improvisation, Playbuilding, Acting
•    Elements of Production in Performance
•    Theatrical Traditions and Performance Styles

The HSC (Year 12) course comprises:

•    Australian Drama and Theatre (one topic from a choice of two)
•    Studies in Drama and Theatre (one topic from a choice of seven)
•    Group Performance
•    Individual Project either Critical Analysis, Design, Performance, Scriptwriting or Video Drama

The more popular choices for the Individual Project have been Performance, Video Drama and Design.

For further information about the Stage 6 Drama Course visit the NSW Board of Studies Website.


Music has always played a prominent role at PLC Armidale and continues to be one of the signature aspects of excellence in the overall curriculum at the College. As a subject, it is offered from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 and taught by our specialist teachers. All students are encouraged to perform, compose and to listen. Our Music department facilitates numerous opportunities four our students to perform, including weekly In-House concerts which build confidence.

Our College offers elective music in Years 9 to 12 and many of these talented musicians have been placed in the top 10% in the state for HSC Music. Music at PLC Armidale consistently enjoys outstanding success in the local and wider community.    


Music Tuition

Tuition is available from highly qualified teachers for all orchestral string instruments as well as classical guitar; woodwind, including recorder, piccolo, flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet and saxophone; brass, including trumpet, trombone and French horn; percussion; piano; organ; and voice. Tuition can also be arranged for the Celtic harp and bagpipes.

Students are expected to enrol in appropriate AMEB and/or Trinity College music examinations each year, and are permitted to arrange one music tuition lesson per week within class time on a rotation basis.

Ensemble Music

In our Junior School, all girls are required to participate in either K – 2 Choir or 3 – 6 Choir. These are timetabled into the school day once a week. There is a Junior Vocal Ensemble, called the "Treble Makers" which rehearses outside of class time.

We also have a Junior String Orchestra, Junior Wind Ensemble and Junior School Orchestra. Strings and wind are also timetabled into the school day and occur once per week. 

In our Senior School there are a number of large and small instrumental ensembles. These include the Senior Orchestra and Senior String Orchestra, as well as various chamber music groups. These groups include Junior and Senior String Quartets, Chamber Orchestra and Recorder Consort. Other chamber music groups are formed when required to cater for current student needs.

Our Senior School also has a Choir and Vocal Ensemble. All of these ensembles rehearse outside of class time and are involved in a number of performances within the school and community each term.


A number of extra-curricular music activities are available in the Armidale community. Most of these are run by the New England Conservatorium of Music (NECOM) and include choirs for all age ranges, instrumental ensembles and the Armidale Youth Orchestra. Rehearsal and practice studios are available for boarders and day girls’ use. 

For more information on music contact:

Mr Matthew Minter

Director of Music

Tel: (+612) 6770 1700

Public Speaking and Debating

The Speech & Drama program at PLC Armidale is reknown for its comprehensive and confidence building program which is nurtured on a daily basis right from start in the foundation years of Junior School across many areas of the school curriculum. Girls are provided with lots of opportunities to practice across the school calendar.

Guild Drama, held on the final day of each school year, would have to be the most special day on the annual calendar. It involves girls from Kinder to Year 11, where each plays a role. From the creative script to the music, costumes and choreography, the twenty minute drama performance is all initiated and performed by the girls themselves.

Each year, students in Years 7-10 participate in the Middleton Public Speaking competition, as well as the statewide AHIGS Festival of Speech competition. Our College also presents an annual Starry Night of Drama in Term 4, which is another opportunity to showcase their skills and talents to our community.

In 2015, PLC Armidale placed equal sixth out of the twenty-seven schools that participated in the festival, most coming from far larger schools. This was an outstanding result, and the highest team placing that PLC Armidale has achieved in recent years.

Speech and Drama lessons are offered to students in either small groups of 2-4 students, or private lessons.

Please contact the teacher, Mrs Jan Patterson directly for fees and lesson times.

Please complete the form below to join Co-Curricular Speech and Drama at PLC Armidale.

 Co-Curricular Speech and Drama (PDF 183.3KB)

For more information on Speech & Drama, please contact:

Mrs Jan Patterson

Speech & Drama Coordinator 

(+612) 6770 1700