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Technology provides many new and positive educational benefits for classroom instruction.

ICT tools at PLC Armidale provide our students with immediate access to intellectual resources. This access has the potential to redefine learning outcomes, broaden intellectual horizons, cater for differentiated student needs, and enrich teaching and learning strategies with creative and innovative approaches. 

As a leading technologically innovative school, PLC Armidale is paving the way with this initiative in NSW and in the New England region, through our NBN connection.

In fact, in 2011, the then Prime Minister, Ms Julia Gillard, chose PLC Armidale as the location to officially switch on Australia's NBN connection. Since that time, we have been successfully utilising the fast speed broadband connectivity to access opportunities for students and staff, both nationally and globally. Our Science faculty has been involved with the University of NSW's Mars Yard Project, and our English faculty has participated in a series of virtual debates. Our College Foundation has also used the high speed internet connection to undertake meetings via the video-conference facility. 

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Tel: (+612) 6770 1700