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Proposal for guild name change

From Year 12, 2020 

Earlier this year, as the graduating class of 2020, we introduced a proposal to change our current guild names (named after Sir John Forrest, William Wentworth, Augustus Gregory and Lachlan Macquarie). We know that for those of you who are particularly connected to the current names, this might seem like something uncalled for. Initially, we thought so too, however, what months of research showed us was that these names were selected with no significant link to our school and honour men who expressed racist and chauvinistic tendencies.
Although we will be explaining the reasoning for this proposal in greater-depth in the attached presentation, we thought it was important to mention how much we truly value your opinion in regards to this issue.  By introducing this proposal, we seek to enhance our connection to you, our school community and our Old Girls. Because of this, we would love to get feedback from you all, not only about the proposal as a whole, but also for potential replacement names. If you have any comments or queries, please send your feedback and any suggested names to

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