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Guild name change

15 October 2020


A letter from Principal Mrs Nicola Taylor

In recent years as we have focused on the history of the College, several groups of senior students have proposed a change in the name of the Guilds to strengthen the connection of the names to the College.

The Class of 2020 put forward a proposal to the College Executive which involved both a consultation and then voting phase for all current students, staff, and families along with as many Old Girls for whom the College had updated details.

The volume and range of feedback from the PLC Armidale Community has been considerable. Thank you to each and everyone for taking time to comment. The feedback, reflections and concerns that Guild traditions be maintained has been invaluable. It has been particularly appreciative to see the level of interest and passion this proposal has generated, especially from our Old Girl community, who put forward suggestions for some of the final names selected.

With the voting process and calculations now complete, I am delighted to announce that the proposal to change the Guild names received an overwhelming response in the affirmative from all stakeholders in our community. Likewise, the following names from the short list of twelve names put forward for the voting process were universally endorsed by all: Dixon, Lovell, Hamlin and Wilkie.

At this week’s Term 4 Whole School Commencement Service, the new Guild names were announced and the Class of 2020 returned to hear the announcement. Each of the 2020 Guild Captains were then asked to draw one of the four names out of the PLC Armidale Guild Cup which was presented to the incoming Guild Captain.

The result was:

Forrest Guild – to be known as Dixon Guild

Gregory Guild – to be known as Hamlin Guild

Macquarie Guild – to be known as Lovell Guild

Wentworth Guild – to be known as Wilkie Guild

Throughout the voting process it was emphasised that the Guild names embody the characteristics and values of PLC Armidale, rather than honour an individual. The names were inspired by individual women who have achieved in their respective field of endeavour and for each selected has had a connection with PLC Armidale.

Values such as humility, integrity, respect, self-discipline and courage along with qualities such as leadership, service, grit, resilience, and others centredness are reflected in the names decided upon.

The inception of new Guild names has been inspired by and honours the past, and has been infused with traits that speak to the present and shape the future.  The new Guild names will sit side by side with the ones that have gone before.

The names and colours of Forrest, Gregory, Macquarie and Wentworth will always remain and be known as the Guilds for those who have belonged to each respective Guild. The names and continued colours of Dixon, Hamlin, Lovell, and Wilkie will now be enjoyed by PLC Armidale students from the commencement of 2021.

Mrs Nicola Taylor

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Nicola Taylor with Guild Banners behind