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PLC Armidale's Advantage - The Land Article

Two different mums from two regional locations. Each with two daughters and a son, each with very similar and compelling reasons why they chose PLC Armidale as the boarding school for their girls' secondary education.

Both mums were graduates of PLC schools themselves, Marie Younghusband (nee Gardiner), from Baradine, graduated from PLC Perth, WA, and Rebecca McIntyre (nee Lisle), from Coonamble, from PLC Armidale.

"What we were looking for our girls was to thrive in every aspect of schooling, to be able to succeed," Rebecca said. "We didn't want them to get lost in a sea of other students. We made our decision that PLC Armidale was the school for us as it just had a 'good feel' about it. It felt right and ticked all our boxes."

"The boarding structure and facilities were also factors as we felt the boarding at PLC Armidale was warm, comfortable and nurturing. An environment where our girls would be safe," she said.

Marie said. "For us, a small school was important where our girls would be known for their strengths and challenges, one that offered a strong academic program along with access to a diverse co-curricular offering."

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