Duke of Edinburgh Award

At PLC Armidale, we prepare our students for success in life beyond school. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a hugely successful, internationally recognised program incorporating community service with personal endeavour. 

Award Benefits

By joining the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, our girls develop leadership skills, self-esteem, resourcefulness, self-reliance and trust in others. Participating students extend their knowledge gained in the classroom and use it practically in the beautiful setting of the Australian bush.

The Award has been running at PLC Armidale for over ten years and is the fastest growing activity at the College. The Award is offered to our girls in Year 9 and above, who are 14 years and older. 

Award Levels

There are three levels to achieve: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each award level requires the participant to complete four elements: a skill, sport, volunteer work and expeditions. 


Expeditions are offered during most school holidays, varying in length depending on the award level and demand. At PLC Armidale we specialise in bushwalking; however we have had a few girls who have chosen canoeing and horse riding as their modes of transport for the expedition.

Bronze Participants

During Term 1 each year, the new intake of Bronze participants undergo pre-expedition training. This training follows the national curriculum required for bushwalking, and includes skills such as navigation, first aid, group skills, hike planning and preparation, and camp craft. This training is held at PLC Armidale and is conducted by our Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Coordinator.

Attaining Silver and Gold

When the girls have completed the required hours and period of time for each element of the award, our Coordinator signs their record books and they receive a certificate and a badge. Once each level of the award is completed and signed off they may continue straight on to the next level.

If a student wishes to join at 15 years then she may enter the award at the Silver level; if she is 16 or older then she may enter at Gold level and do the Gold Direct course. While there is no rush to complete each level (participants have until they are aged 25), many prefer to complete it whilst at school.

Student Responsibility

Students are expected to take responsibility for their progress and must apply to go on each expedition. Parents are informed of each hike through information sent home, and forms that need to be carefully read, signed and returned to the coordinator.

This award is entirely voluntary and is non competitive. The students who join get involved in all aspects of the school, make new friends, and have lots of fun. This award teaches life skills and independence, and helps to create long-lasting friendships.

You can visit the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award website for more details.

Duke of Edinburgh Co-Curricular Form.

For more information, please contact:

DOE Award Program Leader
(+612) 6770 1700