visual arts

Artists flourish at Visual Arts at PLC Armidale where their creative abilities and talents are developed.

Students are encouraged to express imaginatively their perceptions of their world whilst equipping them the skills to do so. We provide students with opportunities to share their talents, abilities and perceptions with others, through the making of artworks and the critical and historical study of other artists and their work. Students document their experimentations and ideas in a Visual Arts Diary, which in many cases becomes an artwork in itself.

PLC Armidale students are very fortunate to have access to a local art museum in Armidale. The New England Regional Art Museum (NERAM) hosts a variety of exhibitions of an impressive standard along with the permanent collection and guided tours. Visual Arts students are given the opportunity to visit the museum during lessons, to experience original works of art in a formal environment, gaining understanding and inspiration.

Within Stage 4 (Years 7 & 8) students gain a fundamental understanding of the frames and conceptual framework and the application of these in both artmaking and critical and historical studies of the visual arts.

Throughout Stage 5 (Years 9 & 10) students are required to be more interpretive and perceptive, aiming to build upon the skills learnt in Stage 4, while allowing them to develop an individual expressive style through their art making.

In Stage 6 (Years 11 & 12) students are encouraged to think both creatively and independently leading towards the production of a resolved Body of Work to be assessed as 50% of their Higher School Certificate Examination in Visual Arts.

For more information, please contact:

Mrs Marian Beeson
Visual Arts Teacher
Tel: (+612) 6770 1700