Our Junior School Staff

Our experienced and enthusiastic staff are passionate about teaching and learning. 

PLC Armidale Junior School classes are always engaging and welcoming. Explicit teaching balances active student enquiry.

 Head of Junior School (Learning Support & Extension)

 Mrs Fiona Wake
 Junior School Assistant
 Mrs Emma Young
 PDHPE & Sports Coordinator   Mrs Lucy Donaldson
 Mrs Michele Kennedy
 Pre-K Assistant

 Mrs Delphine Faulkner

 Kindergarten & Year 1  Mrs Rebecca Moore 
 Year 2  Mrs Kirsten Hey
 Year 3 & 4  Mrs Claire Robertson
 Year 5  Mrs Gerry Vanzella
 Year 6  Mrs Susanne Dowling

For more information, please contact:

Mrs Emma Young
Junior School Assistant
(+612) 6770 1700