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Class of 2019 - Higher School Certificate results

With great delight, I outline below the summary of our Class of 2019, Higher School Certificate results. We are immensely proud that many of the girls have achieved some outstanding results and a number of personal bests, reflecting the focus, self-discipline, and willingness to seek feedback which characterized many in this diverse and capable cohort.

Congratulations to the 17 students from PLC Armidale who have attained a Band 6 result (mark over 90 in one or more course). The achievement of the girls individually and collectively across courses exemplify the continued promotion of a culture of learning at PLC Armidale.

Each year, a leading Sydney newspaper publishes a list of the top 100 schools in the State. Inclusion on this list is based upon the 'success' rate of individual schools. In this context, success is defined as the number of high scores (Band 6/mark over 90 or equivalent) expressed as a percentage of the total number of examination papers sat at the school. This count does not include subjects studied through combined lines or Distance Education.

Our Year 12, 2019 cohort size meant that this pre-requisite number was met with PLC Armidale being acknowledged as 81st in the State, one of only a few regional schools to feature on this list and the only Armidale school to do so.

In summary, the 2019 high score results (Band 6 or equivalent) were achieved by 46% of our cohort across the courses taught at the College. In addition, a further 56% of the Class of 2019 achieved a Band 5 (mark over 80) result in at least one or more subjects. This put our ‘success rate’ at around 18.75% which is one of the highest success rates in the New England Region.

ATARS (issued by the University Admissions Centre) are not made directly available to schools, however, we have begun hearing back from a number of our students and offer congratulations to the following girls who have attained an ATAR over 90:

  • Erin Chen (Pathways Graduate) 98.35
  • Emma Pearce (Armidale) 96.80
  • Lucy Martin (Armidale) 96.30
  • Isla Biffin (Armidale) 95.35
  • Grace Lehman (Armidale) 94.05
  • Ria Kealey (Walcha) 93.75
  • Gracen Moore (Armidale) 92.60
  • Mia Emanuel (Armidale) 91.75
  • Mackenzie Constable (Armidale) 90.90
  • Holly Butler (Armidale) 90.70
  • Alexandria Wright (Armidale) 90.40

A special mention and congratulations goes to the Music Extension students who each achieved an E4 which is the highest level of achievement in this subject, an outstanding result. A further special mention goes to our inaugural Pathways graduates who achieved very pleasing results in their respective courses, with our Chinese and Literature Students each attaining a Band 6.


Recording high bands of achievement is one measure of success. However, the academic growth of each student, consistent application yielding a personal best or persevering through adversity, are measures of lasting success. Students supported in seeking to access courses of choice at universities or colleges of choice are also indicators of success.

 The College is very proud of another cohort of well-rounded individuals who have enriched the school community enormously with their vitality, dedication, and consideration of others, attributes which will serve them well in the years ahead.

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Mrs Nicola Taylor
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