Student Leadership

At PLC Armidale, we nurture leadership skills in each student. Leadership opportunities are available throughout the school in a variety of capacities, including elected leadership roles, the Students’ Representative Council, sporting teams and the Guild System.

Elected Student Leadership

Student Prefect Leaders are elected from Year 11 in October of each year, and take office immediately. Elected Leaders include Prefects, Guild Captains and Boarding House Captains. These roles are respected amongst the student population and staff, and provide an opportunity for girls to showcase their leadership skills in the school and wider community. Once elected, the students undertake a day of leadership training, which is followed up during the year with various other opportunities.

The Students’ Representative Council

The PLC Armidale Students’ Representative Council (SRC) actively initiates and coordinates activities for the benefit of all students at the school. The SRC consists of democratically elected representatives from each of the classes from Year 6 to Year 12. Elections are held each year.

The Students’ Representative Council was formed in 1984, and since then has played an important role in nurturing student leadership in our school.

There are two SRC reps from each pastoral care group: one is in charge of social service and cultural awareness and the other represents the class’s views about the environment and socials. Committees within the SRC are chaired by student Coordinators from Years 10 and 11 and this provides the senior students with leadership experience. All SRC representatives are trained at the SRC workshop at the start of each year.

Leadership in Sport

Sports Captains are selected in each major sport at the beginning of the season. A Team Captain is appointed for each sporting team and is responsible for such matters at team spirit, equipment and liaison. She is also responsible for presenting a summary of the year's achievements at the annual PLC Armidale Sports Awards as well as a written report for the College's publication, Ad Astra.

The Guild System

At PLC Armidale, there are four Guilds (or Houses) named after Australian pioneers: Forrest, Gregory, Macquarie and Wentworth.

Forrest (Green), named after Sir John Forrest, Explorer and Statesman, 1847-1918.

Gregory (Red), named after Sir Augustus Charles Gregory, Explorer and Surveyor, 1819-1905.

Macquarie (Yellow), named after Lachlan Macquarie, Governor of New South Wales, 1761-1824.

Wentworth (Blue), named after William Charles Wentworth, Explorer and Statesman, 1790-1872.

The Guilds are an important part of the fabric of PLC Armidale and even our past students (‘Old Girls’) recall with great affection the various Guild activities and events. Guilds compete for points in sport, drama, debating and other activities throughout the year. 

The winning Guild at the end of each year is presented with the coveted Guild Cup. 

For more information, please contact:

Mrs Paula Goode
Director of Pastoral Care

Mrs Anna Caldwell
Head of Senior School

Tel: (+612) 6770 1700