Technology provides many new and positive educational benefits for classroom instruction.

ICT tools at PLC Armidale provide our students with immediate access to intellectual resources. This access has the potential to redefine learning outcomes, broaden intellectual horizons, cater for differentiated student needs, and enrich teaching and learning strategies with creative and innovative approaches. 


Alongside individual technology ownership and use, PLC Armidale has interactive whiteboards in its classrooms across the campus. 

Digital Citizenship

A comprehensive guide to BYOT at PLC Armidale is available in our BYOT Handbook. 


Edumate is the student management system which PLC Armidale uses to manage the contact details, attendance and academic reports for students. The Parent Portal is a vital tool in improving the communication between the school and parents.

The website address for Edumate is  Please view the following User Guide for information about accessing the Parent Portal.  

To learn more about Edumate email:

mobile phones 

If mobile phones are brought to school, they are the sole responsibility of the student.

Phones are to be switched off during class, and Year 7-10 students must hand their phone to the teacher before class, to be collected at the end of the lesson. 

For more information, please contact:

Mr Chris Estreich
IT Manager
Tel: (+612) 6770 1700