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alternative accommodation for international students 

We are all concerned that the good work being done in many of our schools to care for our International Student population could easily unravel. International families, especially those coming through COVID-19 seek a viable alternative to assure parents that Australia is a safe country, with a stable government, adequate food supplies and healthcare provisions.

Due to our location and ELICOS operation we are anticipating that, should the Australian Government instruct schools to ‘close’, we may still be required to provide for a substantial number of International Students who are unable to return to their home country.

PLC Armidale is set up and able to offer ongoing residential support to International students. Even before NSW Health had recommended any quarantine measures, we had put a quarantine in place for both International students and domestic students returning from overseas. We are fortunate to have the following…
No recorded COVID-19 cases in Armidale or its immediate environs
Registered nurses on staff with excellent health care services available
Fully renovated Boarding facilities to accommodate International Students
Mandarin and Taiwanese native speakers on staff, other languages available by arrangement 
Pastoral Care, academic and psychological support services for students 
Stable internet/network access to enable online learning or virtual classroom models
Students will be advantaged by the opportunity to remain in the ‘school routine’.
Spacious grounds and facilities to be used by International Boarders outside of class time

We would like to provide practical support to our colleague schools who may have International Students for whom homestay may not be the optimal or ideal learning environment.  We are keen and willing to provide onsite residential and academic support to your students, especially boarding students who would be moving from one closed community to another.

Effectively, students would remain enrolled with their school, complete the work set for them under the support and guidance of our staff. They would reside temporarily at PLC Armidale and remain in ‘school routine’. We effectively would operate as a ‘gated’ community so there would be little to no interaction with the general public during the time the students resided with us.

We are prepared and willing to take students at very short notice and care for them throughout the duration of school closure imposed on most schools. Please don’t hesitate to make contact should you require any additional information. We are looking to provide a charter- bus transport to Armidale should this be of service.   

For travel details and costing, please contact PLC Pathways ’Administrator Amy Chiu at or 0408797018.


For more information, please contact:

Miss Amy Chiu
Pathways Administrator
Tel: (+61) 2 6770 1700
Mob: 0408 797 018