PLC Armidale has a number of publications that showcase, celebrate and inform our parents, students, staff and wider PLC Armidale community of the array of events and activities at the College.


Lion's Roar is PLC Armidale’s fortnightly newsletter. It primarily communicates future key events, activities and school updates, and acknowledges student and staff achievements and participation in key events and activities.


Green Tartan is our bi-annual full colour publication which is now produced electronically, with only a select number printed and distributed on request. It is a showcase of the diversity of activities and successes of PLC Armidale students, staff and community.  The magazine informs the PLC Armidale and wider community, with more in-depth stories of recent events as well as including an Alumni section that features our Old Girls, Past Staff and Parents. This is a complimentary publication which is emailed to past, present and future members of our PLC Armidale community (some are also posted). A number of regional organisations and community businesses currently support its production financially and we thank them for their contributions. 

To ensure you receive a copy of the Green Tartan, please keep your details current with the College.

Click the Green Tartan tab to the left to view the latest edition of Green Tartan.

Ad astra

Ad Astra is PLC Armidale's annual yearbook, celebrating every student and their PLC Armidale experience. This commemorative full colour showcase publication includes PLC Armidale student and class photos, highlights of extra curricular events, academic achievements, student and school activities, milestones and various other highlights that have occurred during the year. This publication is only available in hard copy and is available at the end of Term 1 each year. This is produced exclusively for each current family.


The College Kaleidoscope 

The College Kaleidoscope (The Scope) is PLC Armidale's new schoolstudent magazine! This magazine showcases articles from our student body and is run by our students.


PLC Armidale People

Want to know more about the people behind the girls and the college? The people that are working hard to ensure your daughter has a beautiful campus and learning experience at PLC Armidale? The people who you hear from or about, but you have never met them? PLC Armidale people is our answer to meeting and learning about those people. We speak to staff and PLC Armidale community members who make a difference to our campus and the students.

For more information, please contact:

Tel: (+612) 6770 1700