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The refrain of ‘community’ is one often quoted in my Lion’s Roar articles or assembly messages. A community by definition is the coming together of people often according to shared purpose, mutual interest or physical need. In our very individualistic, self-sufficient and independent age the notion of community can at times appear outdated, irrelevant and unnecessary.


That is, until tragedy strikes nearby or the effort of long hours and strenuous rehearsals is rewarded with Opening Night. These are times when the strength, camaraderie and kindness of community shines through.


This week, our school has dealt with both simultaneously. Our thoughts and prayers are with the TAS community as they deal with the sudden and tragic loss of their Headmaster. We have sought to express this on behalf of the PLC Armidale Community through word as well as deed and will continue to do so. Our prayers are with Joanne, Annaliese and Harry Guest during these difficult days ahead.


This week the much awaited opening night performance of Matilda the Musical was a highlight, the cast and crew rewarded with a standing ovation from a very appreciative audience. It was a very visible demonstration of community and brought much joy to those in attendance. The support of members of the TAS community in the cast, crew and audience in such a challenging week for them was especially poignant.


We were not created to live alone, God’s plan for His people is to live in close connection with others. The family unit so clearly demonstrates this. We don’t always get it right, the fabric of relationships is delicate and easily damaged. The responsibility to look out for the needs of others, to mourn loss and celebrate accomplishment is joint and several.


When envisaging schools, Roland Barth founding director of the Harvard Principals’ Centre wrote … "The school will be a community, a place full of adults and youngsters who care about, look after, and root for one another and who work together for the good of the whole, in times of need and times of celebration. Every member of a community holds some responsibility for the welfare of every other and for the welfare of the community as a whole.”


P&F News

The PLC Armidale P & F Association would like to thank everyone who attended our AGM last week. At the meeting we elected an Executive for 2020. Please feel free to talk to any of these people about suggestions and feedback relating to P & F events.

President: David Dettwiler

Secretary: Tracy Wright

Vice President Senior School: TBC

Vice President Junior School: Lea Matthews


We have almost a full complement of Liaison Parents. A final list of these will be published in the next Lions Roar.



The P&F is organising one last fundraiser for the year. The Flower Farm in Guyra has offered a Peony fundraiser to the school. An order form will go out to families at the beginning of next week. The flowers will need to be pre-paid and the collection date will be 22 November. We hope that many people support this great local business and the P & F fundraiser.


A final thank you to everyone who has contributed to the P&F this year and we look forward to an exciting year in 2020.



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Dates for the Diary

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Senior School News


Stage 6

We are now midway through the HSC Exam schedule. It has been lovely to see our Year 12 girls in school and taking each exam in their stride. 

Once these exams are completed, Year 11 will move into the Year 12 Study Block and will commence their HSC studies. 

Year 10 Peer Support Leaders Training Day and Coffs Coast Camp in Week 6 

Year 10 will participate in a Peer Support Leaders Training day on Monday 18th November, in the AAC. This training day will focus on:

*Leadership skills
*developing connections
*Personal strengths and characteristics
*Decision making

This training is part of the College’s Pastoral Care program. It provides our senior students with the opportunity to develop and practice leadership skills within a supportive environment and all skills will help prepare them for the demands of Year 11 and 12.

After undertaking this program, the girls will have the opportunity to apply to be a Peer Support Leader to support our Year 7 class of 2020, which is an important component of our transition to Senior School Program. 

Year 10 will then head to Coffs Harbour on Tuesday 19 November for their PDHPE/STEM Coffs Coast Surfing and Leadership camp. 

Hawkesbury Canoe Classic

This year we had two crews participate in the 43rd Hawkesbury Canoe Classic. Lilly McCook and Sophia Grant, and Lucinda Caldwell paddled with her dad, Will Caldwell. Both crews trained hard throughout Term 3, enjoyed the Grafton night paddle at the end of the school holidays and were well and truly ready to tackle the 111km challenge head on. 

Both crews finished in great time, with Lucinda and Will finishing in 14 hours 45mins and Lilly and Sophia finishing in 13 hours and 12 minutes, which may equal the HCC race record time set by Ella Atkin and Grace Lehman last year. We await the official results! 

PLC combined with NEGS for the first time to create a very strong Armidale Girls Team who achieved a 100% success rate. 

The Hawkesbury Canoe Classic is not just a physical marathon event, that one can chalk up to say they have done. It is much bigger than that. It is an event that is organised by a team of over 400 volunteers to raise funds and awareness for Arrow, The Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation, which gives hope to people suffering from diseases treatable by bone marrow and adult stem cell transplants. With our girls having such strong social service centred hearts, this is not lost on them. When the going gets tough and they feel uncomfortable and sore, they know that their discomfort pales into insignificance compared to those who are suffering from these diseases. They find their inner strength and they paddle on with grace and determination. Well done crews for all that you raised and thank you to everyone who sponsored them. 

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Thank You! 

An enormous thank you to Penny and Doug Lehman, Sandra and John Grant, Sally and Peter McCook and Charlotte Caldwell, and all the fabulous Landcrew who worked together brilliantly to make the event such a success and so much fun too! 


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Junior School News



Welcome to Week 3

The girls have been very busy in the Junior School. Matilda the Musical is finally here and our Year 5 and 6 cast members are busy with their final preparations for the show. On behalf of PLC I would like to thank you for your support in transporting your daughters to and from rehearsals, coordinating rehearsal times around your weekend commitments and tending to the myriad of logistics relating to performance preparations. I wish the girls all the best, what a wonderful opportunity.

Our Classrooms …

What is happening in Pre K? Pre K has been busy swimming, dancing, reading, singing and preparing for plays. They will open Guild Drama 2019 with a special performance choreographed by Joanne Wysel, a dancer herself, especially for us. We can’t wait to share this with you.

In K/1 the girls have been learning about different material and their uses and designing hats that would make the Ladies at the Melbourne Cup envious. They have also been exploring rhyming with the assistance of ‘Hairy Maclary’.         

Year 2 has been studying Charlotte’s Web and the concept of relationships and friendships. This classic tale never dates and the girls are as excited about this novel as I was many moons ago. 


Year 3 has been investigating weight in Maths Enrichment. The girls have been exploring the kilogram and how size and mass do not always relate. The girls will soon select 12 items that students believe will collectively weigh close to 1 kilogram. They will then weigh, calculate what needs to be added or removed and then reattempt the task if they are far from their 1 kilogram target for round 1. Applying mathematical understanding is an important skill important for students to develop. Tasks such as these engage students, provide opportunity for questioning and develop deep understanding. They have also been ‘Informing with Passion’ as they study factual texts and an author’s intent. 

Year 4 is studying ‘Theme’ and ‘Stylistic Features’ of the picture book Suri’s Wall. Learning such concepts allows students to understand a writer’s craft and authorial skills, later enabling them to use this skill in their own compositions. 


Year 5 and 6 are as busy as bees making iMovies and explanations of, ‘How bees produce honey’. Along with this they are designing persuasive posters. I cannot wait for them to share these with their peers and our community. The Bee Motel in the playground is taking shape.


year 2 Classroom feature

Term 4 started off with excitement as the much anticipated annual Pyjama Party took place on the first Friday. Much fun was had having extra time with friends, enjoying games lead by older PLC Armidale students and dinner in the Dining Hall. We finished off by settling in with our cuddly toys to watch a movie on the big screen in the library.

Charlotte’s Web novel study has been another highlight learning area for our class. A very well known and rich literacy text where the girls are thoroughly enjoying delving deeper into the theme of friendship, which it depicts very well. Mrs Wake is focusing on the characters in her enrichment classes. Discussing what the various characters personality traits are and finding evidence in the text to support their thoughts. With only a relatively short Term, Year 2 is very very busy reading, reading and reading to make sure we finish the novel!

In Science, we are looking at how things grow and the life cycles of different animals and plants. To enrich the learning experience, we have some very little visitors in our classroom ... and there are lots and lots of them! MEALWORMS. Over the term we will be keeping a close eye on them and watching them change. They are currently in the lava phase, having hatched from tiny little eggs. The next stage is the pupa - a funny word that we have all had a laugh at - and finally they will transform into a darkling beetle.

We have set the mealworms up in three different environments to see if there is any effect on their growth. Container 1 is in the dark, container 2 is in the fridge and container 3 is in the classroom in the light and some sunshine.

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Sport News 


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Term 4 sport has started at a hectic pace.

Our touch football team had their first game last week and were narrowly defeated. It was a great game with the lead changing many times before the opponents scored a couple of late tries to take the win 8-6.  

On Thursday, our senior indoor hockey took to the courts with mixed results. 

The year 7 & 8 basketball team started the season with a win, while the open’s team went down in a thriller.   

Last Tuesday saw the start of a Futsal competition that is being hosted by PLC Armidale. There were teams from O’Connor Catholic School, Armidale Secondary College, TAS and two teams from PLC.
The competition is an introduction to the game of futsal. Both the PLC teams were narrowly defeated in their opening games, however the PLC Shooters were then victorious against their younger counterparts The PLC Kickers.
We are looking forward to another few weeks of this fun game and hope to grow the competition in Armidale.

touch1 touch2 touch3

Coming up on Saturday 9 November will be the Starry Night of Sport. This is an evening where we celebrate the amazing achievements of our girls. This event is held at the Armidale Bowls Club and promises to be a fantastic evening. More details are on the events section of our website.

I look forward to seeing you on the sidelines.


Performing Arts News 



Matilda the musical

This week our staff are  involved in our wonderful production of Matilda the Musical. After many months of rehearsals, we are thrilled to bring you this stunning production. We couldn't be prouder of our dedicated students and staff who have put in so much time and effort to make this show so amazing. We will have a full wrap up in the next edition of Lion's Roar. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see some highlights. 


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Community News